I place my bare feet

On the cold linoleum floor,

Holding tight to my robe

As I tiptoe to the door.

When I pull the handle

And the room fills

With softly glowing candlelight,

I spread my wings and then I take flight.

There’s nothing else to do,

There is little I can control,

But I still choose now

To make my own life full.

I am the Queen of my fate,

The sovereign of my plight,

And each passing moment

Is another lost to night.

So I soar on the dawn,

Up high in the clouds,

I show myself to the world,

I sing it out loud.

Life is a game,

It’s meant to be played,

And I only hope

To remain unafraid.

Of dreams and kisses,

To slumber so soft,

The grace of life

Will never come to naught.

So I’ll take my chances,

As I lift up my soul,

And forever be a champion,

Attempting to console.


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