Flashfic Results: Week 14!


So sorry for the delay! It’s been an insane week with 47 hours of work! I’m reeling with exhaustion.

Thank you to our judge, chinchin.unicorn, for an awesome prompt! 


All the entries were amazing.

Here’s what chinchin.unicorn had to say:



Three great entries that all brought me a little something different and unique from each other. I was worried that the scene was set too much, but you all surprised me so pleasantly. I really shouldn’t have been though. The words I’ve read on here are always by far amazing.

Melissa Gardener: I love the phantom back story here. So many questions and wonders and little hints of something great. I want to know more. See more. Live more through them. 200 words were not enough, chicka.

Cecily: The representation of all things perfect when it comes to love, marriage, life, and the beach.If I meet my future husband on the sand one day, I’ll be sure to think of you. Then it’s your job to write my vows in 200 words. 

Ali OMalley Cat: This was unexpected…in such an amazing way. So many one-liners I want to remember forever, that got my heart pumping so good. Dish me another 200 words of your sweet revenge, please.

Thank you, little loves, for entering in this and entertaining me with your words. I couldn’t have asked for better! May we all Flash together again!

Winner: Melissa Gardener
Runner-up: Ali OMalley Cat


Ali OMalley Cat, please DM me, and we’ll get the next flashfic rolling! 🙂


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