Angst: 201

Angst: 101 was a huge success, and now you’ve graduated to 201.

“Angst does nothing for me emotionally if I can’t relate to the character in *some* way. All of the good technique in the world is meaningless if I don’t care. I don’t believe you should ever pander to an audience. But you need to make sure your characters have some human element that is relatable.” – Kimberly, a reader/editor and friend.

The homework for this week’s workshop is to develop your character and make us ache for them in their angst.  Use the scene you already started with OR make up something wholly new.

Make us like your character (or dislike) – whatever it may be, so we can relate to the them – BUT give me a picture. A disgusting, horrid, painful picture of your character’s angst.

1. What relatable characteristics does your character have (ie. Are they stubborn, are they shy, are they brave, do they hate the dentist – you see what I mean)?

2. Paint the picture of their angst with your words. Drop adverbs and create stronger, more descriptive language.

3. Use a wide array of vocabulary.

Discussion will be at 2 PM (MST) next Sunday on Skype.


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