Bits and Pieces: A Smut Novelist

A special flash I wrote for the amazing Rebecca Grace Allen’s Sinful Sunday blog flash.

Sinful-Sunday-flashfiction-week-48-promptWord prompt:
Bits and pieces: The obvious sexual attributes of a woman visible to the naked and untrained eye.

For all of us.

Not every guy can handle a girl who writes the things mine does. When she first told me that she wanted to pursue this as a career, I flipped the fuck out. Her dad was going to shoot me in the nuts for putting these ideas into his little girl’s head.

Now, though, I don’t feel trepidation of any sort. No fucking way. I see the bits and pieces of my love pristinely typed upon the pages of the paperback, and I crave her. My dick swells and I ache for the smutty, wonderful woman I call my wife.

When she takes a few minutes too long to come to bed, I know where to find her. She’s there in the study, with the baby monitor beside her, wearing those sexy purple glasses and typing furiously at her keyboard.

“What’s this one about?” I ask.

Startled, she looks up from the glowing computer screen. “Um… A rockstar who fucks hard and falls in love even harder,” she says, and nibbles her lip.

“Do you need any ‘lemon’ inspiration?” I wonder. Hope.

A slow grin lights her face as she closes the laptop, and her finger beckons me forward.


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