The Subway

The pushing and the shoving

Sweat and humidity

Make me wonder why I came to this city

Why I gave up being a small town girl

With a tiny little world

And stepped into this great wide unknown

Why I step onto this train now

Only to be shoved against another woman

Who wants only to make it home

To her nice cool house

And a glass of chilled Chardonnay

And a box of Chinese takeout

This is my very mission

Which is why I am so aggravated

When a sharp elbow to my back

Sends me stumbling into a stranger

Until I see this is no ordinary

Everyday kind of man

He’s beautiful and strong as he holds me

Steady in his arms

Wondering if I’m all right

This man is musky and of made of earth and dirt

But the smile lighting his eyes

Speaks of his real home among the stars

And the galaxies

Which have not ceased dancing around with joy

Since the moment I stumbled into his world

All it takes is one moment

For all of time to weave us a new fate


And now I am forever found



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