Smile at Me

Smile at me.

That one perfect grin—

The one that belongs to me.

And whisper the truth so a friendship can become a storybook worthy romance.

Touch me.

A million times over,

Brush your guitar-calloused fingers against my palm.

Tell me you play only for me.

Kiss me.

Dozens of little pecks

Or an earth-shattering, fire-setting embrace

To outshine the stars and declare that you are mine.

Fuck me.

Twice tonight

And perhaps again with the dawn.

Delicious soreness and delirious happiness all waiting beneath the covers of your bed.

Love me.

For all of your life,

Maybe even a little longer.

Until Shakespeare’s sun grows cold and fades away.

Promise me.

With a little rose-gold band

And maybe a diamond on the top.

Something that will compliment my ivory dress and teal high heels when I walked down that aisle.

Tell me.

Right now,

At this very moment,

Let this dream come to fruition.

Make this dream our truth.



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