I am possessed by her. She levitates above me, supernatural and ethereal. But she’s the best kind of unholy—the kind that takes me down into the depths of hellish sin and carries me up to the galaxies, dancing on the stars and astroids far, far above. Her body is my poison, my inferno. I am but a lost pilgrim at the gates of Hades and she is Persephone.

She knows not how she’s bewitched me, but she does it over and over and over again, nonetheless. We come together in flawless seduction—a seance of souls, communing. I speak to tell her of both my rapture and need to atone of this perfect transgression, but she stitches my lips shut with a single look.

“No more words.” Her voice is a whisper, slithering on the air against my skin. “Nothing good is sinful. Nothing this good can ever be wrong.”

– Madi Merek

151 words


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