Ode to the 60s

You awake before the dawn

A firefight won’t let you sleep

As bullets zip past your ears

When your buddy falls

There is little you can do

And no emotion is found anymore

It has been bled from you

Because war is a leech

Sucking you dry

Perhaps next year you’ll be home

Maybe the next 4th of July you’ll see the fireworks

Instead of the burning of napalm


At the same time

In another world

You dance to the beat of your own drum

Life is so different for you

But nonetheless important

The ideals which you battle for today

Is the change you wish to see

The difference you will be in this place

Your fight is gallant

Your cause is just

Equality and rights

And speaking for those without a voice

Possibly the next Independence Day

Will mean independence for all


Between you both

Your commonplace is this

Rock ‘n’ Roll




Ingrained within is the hope for a new world order

A chance for the generations to come

Optimism for something new



And we thank you


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