Flashfic Results: Week 12




It’s Sunday morning, and that means our FlashFic results are in and ready for your perusal!

As you see, I’ve changed the blog look a bit. I’m not sure how I like it yet, but we’ll see. 😉

First: You all ROCKED it! This was awesomely fun.
Second: Thank you, Melissa, for judging and being so enthusiastic about the whole thing.
Third: My book came out this week, and I’d be a terrible author if I didn’t tell you all to go check it out. Here’s the amazon.com and Barnes & Noble links! And go see my beautiful website as well! THANK YOU!
Fourth: Here are the results!



Well, well, well… I asked for it and man did y’all deliver!

First off, a huge thank you to Nicole for picking my story. If it weren’t for you, I would have missed out on all these words. This was a wonderful turnout!

When I first saw this image, I knew it was going to inspire many different things, and boy did you ladies get the ball rolling!

I can’t tell you girls how hard it was to choose the winners. Everyone did an amazing job!

Jennifer Garcia: I loved that he was a skater! You gave us great details in such few words.

Packie Pie: Oh yes, dangerous and steamy! Again, wonderful plot here with the age thing and can I add, how I loved his dirty mouth?

Chinchin.unicorn: Yes, now and please!! Jesus, I was fanning myself all over the place. This was great use of words and feeling and poetry. I felt like I was melting with the characters.

Dusty Britches: I loved these two. I could just imagine them together. I wanted more of them; of their banter. And I absolutely loved the nicknames.

Cecily: Friends to lovers, always a good plot device! I know you don’t usually write, but with practice, I bet you could come up with something great! Thank you for taking a chance and doing it. I know it’s not easy at first.

glin23: Hey now, Mr. Foreman, Sir… lol, again, great plot!! This could have been longer, but it was great the way it was. (I’m greedy.)

Okay, so yeah, my job as a judge… NOT EASY! But, I had to do it…

Here goes…

First Place: Dusty Britches…because I loved the banter…
Second Place: Chinchin.unicorn…because the poetry and unfness (that’s a word) was off the charts…
Third Place: Packie Pie…because I liked the play on their age…Cougars unite!!

Thank you all so much for flashing me some words!!!!


And thank you Madi for letting me play in your sandbox!

Note from Madi: You know how it goes – Winner judges. Contact me via twitter or Facebook! xoxoxo




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