Review – Hello LAlaland

A magnificent review of Hello LAlaland by an awesome new Book Blog!

In Libri Quod Vinum Illic Est Verum

Wine pairing: Champagne, preferably a mimosa made with Piper-Heidsiek

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

Before I get into the awesome that is Hello LAlaland, a quick note: Madi gave me an ARC of her novella with the agreement that I would, as a very close friend, give an honest review. Lucky for me, LAlaland was an absolute joy to read.

Reading Hello LAlaland was like a long overdue, gossipy brunch with your best friend – immensely satisfying and leaving you wishing for more. I would suggest making an icy pitcher of Mimosa’s and enjoying the by turns hilarious, frustrating, and hot relationship Wini Chapman has with Tony Ricci.

The story opens with Wini flying into Los Angeles for her ten-year high school reunion. She is mostly ambivalent about the reunion experience; more than anything she wonders how her classmates will treat her given her celebrity (she is the owner/designer of…

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