Interview with Madi Merek

My interview with the new Book Blog IN LIBRI QUOD VINUM ILLIC EST VERUM (In Books and Wine There is Truth). Check it out and follow them!

In Libri Quod Vinum Illic Est Verum

On April 1, 2014, my dear friend Madi Merek will be celebrating the publication of her first book, Hello LAlaland. What better way to christen In Libri Quod Vinum Illic Est Verum, than by having a book birthday party? Pull up a chair, pour a flute of champagne, and join the fun!

Because Madi is a wonderful friend (truly my twin separated by birth and time), she let me play interviewer, so I could share some of her insights about her first publication with you.

Hello LAlaland heavily features Wini’s HS reunion. What were you like in high school? 

Oh, high school . . . Well, I was an outspoken brat most of the time. I was very opinionated in politics and religion – very pious and incredibly innocent. We wouldn’t have been friends back then.  Probably true. I would have mocked you, if I bothered to…

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