Flashing is for the Cool Kids. (week 12)

Hello Flashers! Welcome to another week of flashing!

Our judge this week is Melissa M Gardener!

Here’s a little about her:

As a teenager, I dreamed of being a writer. As an adult, I am slowly making those dreams come true. These days, when I’m not busy working a full time job or taking care if my family, I like to spend my spare time with my eyes on my Kindle while reading or my fingers on my keyboard while writing. I am always busy, but love the challenges these prompts inspire. Now it’s your turn to flash me!


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Well, have at it!

100-200 words. You MUST use both the picture AND word prompt. Please leave your flash, along with your twitter handle/website, in the comments.

The winner or runner-up will be the next judge. 🙂


Happy Flashing!

You have until Thursday night at 11:59 PM (MST) to get your flash in!


10 thoughts on “Flashing is for the Cool Kids. (week 12)

  1. @jennfgarcia/http://jenniferfgarcia.com

    200 words.

    Three hundred and sixty-five, the number of days I had passed the skate park to see the man of my dreams. From local gossip, I knew they called him Switch Boss because he could do tricks with either foot forward.

    Sweaty brown hair flopped onto his forehead as he ollied over a curb. Always in a black t-shirt and jeans, his full-sleeved arms stuck out to balance him. I walked by, trying to catch his eye, but even with my five-inch heels and cute dresses, it hadn’t worked.

    The desire to speak with him–get to know him–was overwhelming. There was nothing more important than making my hot and steamy dreams come true.

    Just last night, he pushed me against the wall between two buildings. One hand rested on my behind while the other hitched up my leg. From chest to pelvis our bodies touched. My hands pulled at his hair, trying to get him closer. As my chest heaved in anticipation to taste him, his teeth grazed my jaw before he nibbled my lips. Just as I went to deepen the kiss, he pulled back. I looked from his eyes to his mouth.

    “Kiss me, please,” I said.

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  2. I’ve been hard all fucking week.

    It was chaos on that first day. She walked in with a tight ass shirt tucked into the tiniest fucking skirt I’d ever seen. Babbling about tangents and hypotenuses… blah fucking blah.

    But today, I don’t hear it.

    Because low and behold; heels and fucking polka dots and so help me God, if I don’t get into this woman today…

    I had to leave her a note… telling her where and when.

    Stale beer on my breath as I wait. I run a nervous hand through my hair and glance at my wrist.

    Of course, she wouldn’t come.

    I’m just a boy. She’s a woman… a professional.

    Chagrin fills me as I abort. I turn to leave but not before I blindly smack into something.

    Tiny, black dots fill my vision as I pull her to me quick. My parked skateboard forgotten, I hold onto her and its like breathing for the first time.

    “You came,” I tilt her chin, our eyes meeting. I wrap an inked hand around her exposed thigh, hitching it against me.

    She just smiles, sealing her lips to mine.

    Hot… dangerously steamy.

    Yeah, I’m so fucking hard for her!

    200 words

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  3. @chinchinunicorn
    200 words

    Against the metal, so cold beneath my flesh, goosebumps racing from where your fingertips tickle from my shoulders to my decolletage and down, down, down. You whisper sweet, sweet words in my ear. Holding me close. Squeezing me so, so tight. Tracing the lines of my agonized longing as I trace the colors on your arms, your neck, hidden beneath your clothes.

    “Here…” Your breath so warm and steamy on my face as you exhale your pleasure over and over, one thrust and then two, stepping closer, until all I can feel is the desire speeding through your veins and into mine until we’re intertwined together, forever, or at least for just this moment.

    “You…” I can’t think. I can’t talk. I can’t breathe. And I hate how it all comes so easy to you. How you render me incoherent with just the barest touch of your lips, your fingertips, that pointed passion from below.

    “Me…” You’re teasing, lifting that perfect side of your face into that stupid sexy smirk I hate and yet love so much. Hoisting my thigh just barely. Stopping me from pulling you in. Tortured by how close you are, by how far you are.


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  4. 198 Words


    “Shit” I wobble faster in Marcie’s tight skirt and heels.

    Caught, I smile as I’m dragged down an ally and slammed against a brick wall.

    “What the fuck, Smalls?”

    His inked arms pen me in. It’s the steamy manifestation of all my best dreams
    “Got your attention now?” I breathe out.

    “You always got my attention, Smalls.” He kisses along my neck and hooks his hand behind my knee.

    He pulls back and looks me over, “I don’t like this, Smalls. This ain’t you.”

    I bring my knee up higher and he runs his hand up the back of my thigh.

    “You don’t see me. I need you to see me,” I whisper into his hair.

    He palms my ass, squeezing, kneading. His words heat my skin.

    “You don’t wear a bra with your beaters, fuck … when you roll your waist band … this fine ass of yours … Damn … I see you baby girl, I do.”

    “It’s yours, if you want it.”

    “I want it. I want you,” he pants.

    He presses into me and groans as his hot mouth covers mine.

    “God, you’re killing me, Smalls.”

    I smile against his neck.

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  5. Ooook Alex you dragged me all the way over to this creepy vacant building, what do you want? Look I already know that you are leaving for UCLA in two days and I leave for NYU in four days.

    Oh my god Sean can you just shut your mouth for one damn minute. Jesus, you drive me freaking crazy. You are my best-friend, so be happy for me that I got accepted to my first choice college.

    Look Sean, I brought you here to tell you that I have been in love with you since the sixth grade and I am so sorry that I am telling you now but I couldn’t leave you without telling you the truth.

    Holy shit Alex loves me….The next thing I know is my mouth is crushing hers and my hands are caressing every inch of her body. God she feels so damn good. I can feel her heat radiating through my jeans.

    Alexandra I have been dreaming about this moment but it is way steamier and hotter than any of my dreams. I am going to devour you and ruin you for all other men.

    Sean you ruined me a long time ago…


  6. “Fancy meeting you here.” Charles smirked as he inhaled her sweet essence.

    “Hey yourself.” she remarked, as she straddled his brawny shoulders. “How long has it been?”

    “Not long enough.” he whispered, as he began to anoint her in kisses.

    “Don’t you think we should….” Kelsey remarked, as she flick his nose,

    “Go somewhere more appropriate? I don’t think so. They won’t be back for another 15 minutes? Maybe even twenty.”

    “You know we really should….”

    “What? Be more careful? I’m the foreman? I’m the guy who makes sure everything is careful. Just watch the pipes. You do not want to get burned.” He laughed roughly, knowing first hand the damage they could inflict.

    “Well then, Mr. Foreman sir, do teach me a little about safety.”

    Word Count: 126


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