Flashing the Beauty of Words (week 11)

bond [ bond ] noun 1. something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together. 2. a cord, rope, band, or ligament. 3. something that binds a person or persons to a certain circumstance or line of behavior: the bond of matrimony.

[ bond ]
1. something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.
2. a cord, rope, band, or ligament.
3. something that binds a person or persons to a certain circumstance or line of behavior: the bond of matrimony.


Hello Flashers!

We had to find a runner-up since LittleLovely had already won before, so our runner-up and judge this week is

Nicole D

Above are the two prompts she chose. Make sure to use both the photo and word prompt, use between 100-200 words, and leave your twitter handle/website with your word count in the comments.


You have until Wednesday night at 11:59 PM (MST) to get your flash in.

Good luck!



7 thoughts on “Flashing the Beauty of Words (week 11)

  1. @bonneycecily

    119 Words

    I love running away with you and sitting by the lake, sticking my feet in the water and splashing them. Just being next to you this close makes all the worries in the world go away. I love that we can sit here in complete silence and we are good with that. Our bond is so strong it amazes me. You, like this lake are my peace. You are my getaway. Even though we have been here in this exact place so many times, it still feels like it is our very first time. You my love are my place of peace. I love you. One day we will take that leap of faith and become bonded in matrimony.

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  2. @smalltownchicka
    200 words

    Water drips from my toes, and land in the lake.

    June summer sun warms my skin, and a soft breeze tickles my hair as I watch him walk down the grassy path toward the dock.

    My feet skim the water; anticipation knotting my insides.

    A bond as strong as ours should never be broken. We need to fix this.

    “Are you alright?” he asks, wringing his hands.

    I hate that he thinks I hate him.

    Shaking my head ’no’, I look down to my toes.

    “I said I was sorry.” He sits next to me, his legs dangling over the edge of the dock, his feet in the water. “She kissed me, okay? I didn’t kiss her back, I swear.”

    I nod, frowning and giving him a tight smile he knows is fake. I’ve known him my entire life, and seeing her lips on his made me irrational. “I didn’t mean it.”

    “So you don’t think I’m a big fat jerk?” He says the last three words leaning into me, his head on my shoulder.

    I smile for real this time. “Maybe a bit.”

    “Why were you really mad?” He’s looking at me—I mean really looking.

    “Maybe I was jealous.”


  3. @tgbmccray
    192 words

    Grinlen “Grins” McCale took his last shallow breath of warm air in a folding bed in his living room as the temperature outside his home hit ninety for the first time that summer.

    Ace McCale, my best friend and first kiss, stood there at the end of his granddad’s bed in silence while his gramma sobbed and his daddy went for the phone and the list of people waiting in a Mead college-ruled notebook for the call they knew was coming. I took Ace’s hand in mine, and we slipped away, softly and quietly, into the warm sunshine of life. I hoped Grins had done the same, only higher up where he didn’t hurt no more.

    We sat on the dock looking at Grins’ boat, not speaking but kicking our bare feet and watching the ripples reach to forever.

    “I loved him so much,” Ace said, and his voice was melting ice cream, running away from him.

    “I know,” I said.

    “I love you, too,” said Ace.

    “I know.” I touched his wet cheek and then my swollen stomach. “We’re all gonna be okay, Ace. I promise. He’d want us to be.”


  4. Darn it! I had two versions of this open and I posted the wrong one. That last sentence should read: “He’d want us to be bonded.”


  5. Word count: 200
    Twitter: @miamadison30

    The lake is cool as I swish my feet, the sun casting tiny diamonds rippling across the lake.

    Such beauty in a place so deadly.

    Taking a deep breath, I fall forward.

    My body smacks. I lay there, flat on the surface, eyes scrunched. I hold my breath… count… count…

    My lungs are an overinflated balloon about to pop. I push out a small air bubble. I imagine opening my mouth, letting the water fill me. It would force its way down my throat, into my lungs, choking me. Squeezing my life out until I’d lay there, motionless.

    I surface, gasping for air. My heart pounds. I push myself up on the dock as I hear my name in the distance.

    He approaches the dock with tentative steps, hands burrowed in his pockets, head down to hide his frown.

    He worries, but our bond is unshakeable. On days I don’t want to live, his smile reminds me to carry on. His arms are safe, his love anchoring me into this life.

    I choose him.

    He sits down, lacing his fingers with mine. I kick the water, giggling as droplets land on his legs.

    He squeezes my hand.

    I’ll be okay.


  6. Smooth … over … Chip … over … Smooth … over … Chip … over …

    I roll the stone in my pocket and close my eyes.

    Sitting on the boat dock … enamored

    The splashing of her long tan legs … spellbound

    Her sun-kissed nose wrinkling when she smiled at me, just for me … enchanted

    Our last kiss, suntan lotion and Bubble Yum … breathless

    My reverie is broken as my eyes lock on Jenny, my Jenny across the reception hall.

    The coltish young beauty has been replaced by luscious curves and sway … entranced.

    Jackson leans in and chuckles, “Three years divorced, man.”

    He smacks me on my back wandering off to find his new bride.

    I follow my heart across the room.



    Looking into her crystal blue eyes, I place our river stone in her hand, “Dance with me.”

    She wrinkles her nose and smiles.

    I hold her close, warm perfume and the taste of wine … intoxicating.

    We melt into each other on the dance floor and know the truth.

    The bond we found that summer would entwine us for a lifetime.

    189 word count


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