A Quote from Yours Truly – Madi

- Madi Merek

– Madi Merek


One thought on “A Quote from Yours Truly – Madi

  1. I believe that being born is the greatest conflict we are forced to accept until the moment we die. All that conflict in between is, as you point out, “life.” “Life” is what happens “between the forceps and the stone,” as Joni Mitchell puts it. “Life is suffering,” is one of the truths of the Buddha. Fight it, don’t fight it, go with it, resist it, laugh till you cry or cry till you laugh; it makes no difference. Once we get here, alive, we’re already traumatized by being born. We’re already on the path to the inevitable end. Yeah yeah, we make choices. I know that! But the only real choice is this: Life, take it or leave it.


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