FlashFic Results (week 9)

woman in bed with gun
Here’s what our judge, LittleLovely, had to say:
Thanks to everyone for participating in this week. I’ve gotten way more support than I thought I would and I wanted to start off by saying how grateful I am for everyone who entered. You all gave to me and I wanted to give something back, so I wrote a flash of my own, as well.

Hand against the wall, I heave as a scalding shower falls over my body. My face contorts in a wince at the swirl of red at my feet. The slash across my brow stings something fierce, but it’s nothing compared to the malice that scorched my soul when I walked into that room tonight and saw his filthy fucking hands around her neck.

I shake my head and curse as I scrub off the grime crawling along my skin. I had a job to do and it’s over. And now, it’s on to the next one.

There’s no room to dwell in the past.

Or how close I came to losing her.

Towel slipped around my waist, I walk confidently back into the room. My steps fumble at the sight that greets me. She’s on the bed, heel clad foot across her knee; lace corset around her top and legs tangled in white sheets.

Holding a gun… my gun, and the paper that contains our next assignment. A grin plastered across her sweet face.

She flicks her wrist once, the one with the gun and beckons me to her.

The towel hits the floor and I fall completely into her.




And now for the results. I had some really amazing entries. I’ll firstly just say something about each entry and then declare a winner.


Ana Lisbeth- I loved the intensity of this piece. Edward’s world seems to be crashing down around him and the one thing he thought he could find solace in, only rocks his world more. My heart was racing along with Edward’s. Absolutely loved it.


tgbmccray- Wow, just wow! I am screaming internally and maybe externally too because this was so good. I need to know more because really, WHERE THE HELL IS LESLIE? Oh Maggie has been a really bad girl and Edward? Well, he’s shit outta luck here. Excellent use of both prompts. I was very, very intrigued.


Ginga- Ahhhh, I think this entry surprised me the most. It was a use of the prompt that I really didn’t expect. The freedom from self-destruction theme really, really threw me. Exceptional and unexpected usage of the prompts. I was really happy with it.


Krystel- ‘Her shoulders sagged as the heavy hand of malice covered her in a dark shroud, pouring hurt and hate over her like a raging waterfall.’ I think, hands down, that this was my favorite line from all of the pieces. It was very descriptive in terms of how much of a heavy hand malice could really be. But then the deed was done and he’s like it’s just beginning. WHAT? That is a such a tease; a story begging to be told. Great entry.


Tinsley- This entry had me tongue-tied. From the time he realized a light was on in the room, that he hadn’t left on, I knew there was only trouble to come. The exchange between the two is deadly. The spinning of the gun around her finger, so sexy! And then plot-fucking-twist at the end with the daddy kill. *jaw hits floor* AH-MAY-ZING!!!!! It started off intense and the angst just sky-rocketed. Exactly what I was going for when I chose the prompts.


Jdifrans- Ahhhhh… can I just say how I admire you for getting a story through in just 108 words? How did you do it? I liked this because it was really forward and to the point, with a good grip on the prompts. Bobby got so bussssssssssted!!!!


Thanking everyone yet again for submitting. Every entry is a winner in their own rite, but my personal fave was this: “She starts to laugh, crazily, and her eyes aren’t cold. They burn with malice.”





Great entries, everyone! Babiesbrown, DM me on Twitter and we’ll get rolling on the new flash, which you’ll be judging.





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