Flash Some Leg and a Bit of Metal (Week 9)

woman in bed with gun

Malice mal·ice \ˈma-ləs\
1- a desire to cause blatant pain, injury or distress to another.
2- desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness.

Welcome Flashers!!

Our winner last week was

Packy Pie

Here’s what she has to say:

I’m so happy to have been picked as the winner for the last week and so excited to present my prompts to you.

A little about me.
I’m a 22 year old Caribbean baby lost in the crazy state of New York. I’m an award-winning fangirl, avidly fierce reader of all things, epic screamer, slash perv and I will cut a bitch for Justin Timberlake. Please to be writing me all the things.


Remember the rules—they’re important things:

100-200 words. You MUST use both the picture AND word prompt. Please leave your flash, along with your twitter handle/website, in the comments.

The winner will be the next judge. 🙂


Happy Flashing!

You have until Sunday night at 11:59 PM (MST) to get your flash in!


6 thoughts on “Flash Some Leg and a Bit of Metal (Week 9)

  1. The adrenaline that runs through my veins is blinding.

    My heart is racing.

    My palms are sweating.

    “Goddamn,” I curse as I fly up the stairs.

    I’m aware of the red stains on my white shirt. I was messy and careless.

    I just want to get to her. I’m shaking with need.

    Just when I’m about to lose it, I reach the door.

    And there she is, lying on the bed with her high heels on. The white sheets look so pristine. So contradicting.

    I stand by the door, panting, ready to fall to my knees.

    “I’ve just killed for you,” I tell her. The realization is heavy on my shoulders. This is the kind of power this woman has over me.

    What have I done?

    What am I doing?

    I look at her, perplexed.

    She sighs.

    Slowly, I see her transform to the vixen she is.

    There’s fire in her eyes. Malice on her mind.

    “Well done,” she says, holding her left arm above her head. I look to the papers she’s been holding.

    I don’t know what they are, but it’s not important.

    She’s holding a gun.

    She aims for my heart with a smile.

    I’m gone.

    199 words


  2. 197 words

    Show me the most beautiful woman in the world and I will show you a man who will fuck around on her. I’m probably that man.

    My wife, with her shapely legs that lead to heaven and her black lion’s mane – well, she’s certainly that woman. Her beauty masks the disturbing cold inside. I find the ones who warm me with luscious lips and heated fingers.

    All I have to promise are lies.

    Leslie is waiting. Tonight’s our first time, and any man will tell you there is no time like the first. I met her in a bakery and gave her my card. The words I find in the P.O. box are naughty and sweet, sealed with perfume and a kiss. I’m going to slip in to her skin and turn her dirty, fuck her until she’s mad, until she needs me the way Maggie never will.

    I get the key in the door and rush in, making sure it’s locked.

    “Hello, darling.”

    Heaven help me.

    She gestures with the silvery barrel in her hand. “You were expecting someone else?”

    “Where’s Leslie?”

    She starts to laugh, crazily, and her eyes aren’t cold. They burn with malice.


  3. Ginga
    200 words

    Here she is, alone at last. The only thing she’s always ever wanted.

    Her last companion of the night just threw his money on the nightstand and walked out the door. The last one of them all.

    She lights her last cigarette and pours herself a shot. Throws it back with a calm, steady hand.

    He wasn’t so bad. She’s had them treat her worse. Seen her share of evil. There are scars on her soul from the malice she has overcome. None of them any worse than the ones she put there herself.

    She swipes the tips of her ring fingers under her eyes. Brushes her teeth. Fixes her hair.

    She takes her time reapplying her lipstick.

    She ties the ribbon on her corset and slips painted toes into her favorite pair of stilettos.

    She’s made up her mind and known for a long time now that this is the only way out. The only way to be done with it all. To be free.

    Tonight was her last of everything. A grand finale to a life of self-destruction.

    She writes a goodbye letter to whoever might care, and tastes metal on her tongue before she pulls the trigger.


  4. 200 words

    She stood there in her sinful lingerie, high heels and long hair cascading down her back as she pointed the gun to the man’s head.

    My eyes wavered back and forth between her and her intended victim, silently begging her to not let her inner monsters win this round.

    To me, she was better than this.

    Her eyes flashed with a sense of of something dark, the flames flared brighter as she pulled back the hammer of the gun. Her shoulders sagged as the heavy hand of malice covered her in a dark shroud, pouring hurt and hate over her like a raging waterfall.

    I’ve only ever seen this look once before.

    No one survived it.

    Her fingers had a tighter grip around the trigger, her knuckles turned white the tighter her hold became.

    “You will never hurt anyone ever again.” She whispered.

    I watched as she blinked. It seemed slow, as if time had truly stopped.

    The man sagged down in his chair, defeat rolled off him in waves.

    I tried to make my feet to move, to stop her, but I couldn’t.

    The minute the shot rang out, her demon won and this was only the beginning.


  5. My gaze fixed on the bruising of my knuckles as I wrapped my hand around the hotel door knob. There was a faint light coming from the bedroom and my guard was instantly on edge.

    I didn’t leave anything on before I left.

    I drew out my gun, expecting the worst as I kicked open the door, aiming my weapon at it’s prey.

    I wasn’t expecting to fine my finance laying on the bed, her legs bent and crossed at the knee, exposing her bare ass to me. My dick would have been hard if it wasn’t for the fact that she was holding a gun in her hand.

    One of my guns.

    And the letters I had sent my men.

    “What is this?” I barked in confusion.

    “Oh baby, is it true? Is it true that I have the best pussy in the world?” She purred, as she spun the gun on her finger.

    “Yes.” I said calmly.

    “Is it true you love me?” She asked reading the notes.


    “And is it true you killed my father?” She said with malice as the smile left her face as she aimed the gun right between my eyes.


    Words: 199


  6. @jdifrans
    108 words

    When Bobby opens the hotel room door his eyes meet mine. They search for the expected desire of his mistress but only find the malice of his wife.

    “You thought I wouldn’t know. Didn’t you?”

    Blood surges to his face. Veins so full they look ready to burst with each beat of his traitorous heart. “Mary. I…it’s not…I never meant…”

    I smile, bouncing my foot that’s crossed over my ankle, and aim the gun that has been hidden at my yside.

    “I’ve always known you couldn’t be trusted. This was a test and guess what, Bobby? You failed.”

    There’s no hesitation when I pull the trigger.


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