FlashFic Results (week 8)

Hello, Flashers! We had an AMAZING prompt this week and I love


Here’s what your judge,

Ana Lisbeth Tejada

had to say:

Third Place: Tinsley Warren

“I shot him a smug grin as I opened the rosary and dumped the line of coke that was safely hidden inside onto the mirror by the bed.”

Didn’t see that one coming! This flash made me want to know so much more about the girl. You got me intrigued from line one. The entire thing is sinful and captivating. So well done!

Second Place: Missy Melissa Gardener.

“I am sinner as my eyes roam his body, pure lust filling my every pore.
I am alive. I am free. I am uncharted territory waiting to be explored and ravaged.”

Those lines… just wow. This flash said so much in just 126 words! And the last sentences were powerful, moving and stuck with me. A very close second place. Great work.

First Place: Packy Pie

“I trail a hand down her neck, tickling along the chain of beads, and finger the cross settled between her pretty petite tits, before wrapping it in my palm, tugging her closer.”

Oh my God. Those lines, that little action—the tugging her closer was probably the best use of the prompt. I was flying with this piece. I loved the voice in this flash and the way it leaves us kind of wondering about the relationship the two characters share. It feels forbidden, but is it? And the last line IS what Jesus died for. Amazing.



Packy Pie, you’re the next judge. DM me on twitter and we’ll get it rolling.

Congratulations, guys!


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