Flashing the Goodies. (Week 8)


pure [pyoor]
adjective, pur·er, pur·est.
free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind; free from extraneous matter: pure gold; pure water.
unmodified by an admixture; simple or homogeneous.
of unmixed descent or ancestry: a pure breed of dog.
free from foreign or inappropriate elements: pure Attic Greek.
clear; free from blemishes: pure skin.
noun \ˈsi-nər\
: someone who has done something wrong according to religious or moral law : someone who has sinned

Hello Flashers! Welcome to week 8! Our judge this week is the winner from the last contest,

Ana Lisbeth Tejada.

She picked a pretty rockin’ prompt (believe me, I used it as the banner for my twific, Take up thy Cross). Please take note that she’s also picked not one, but TWO word prompts. Use them both, and the picture, to qualify.

The flash must be between 100-200 words.

Please post with your word count along with your twitter handle/website.


Posts are due by Saturday at 11:59 PM (MST)!



3 thoughts on “Flashing the Goodies. (Week 8)

  1. It hangs around my neck, the cross burning the delicate, untainted flesh between my breasts.
    I am sinner as my eyes roam his body, pure lust filling my every pore.
    I am alive. I am free. I am uncharted territory waiting to be explored and ravaged.
    Cotton covers pink, but he sees without looking.
    And I wait.
    Goosebumps rise upon my skin, my hand exposing the cross where it lays dormant and untouched.
    For him.
    Yearning and heaving and pleading for contact.
    Anything he is willing to sacrifice for me.
    The white band around his neck pulses in tandem with the beat of his heart.
    His hands tighten into fists, and his eyes narrow as he turns away.
    I am sinner. He is my sin.

    126 words


  2. Putting my clothes on I took a drag of my cigarette. The feeling of the nicotine coursing through my veins gave me a rush after the high of my orgasm died down.

    “Don’t forget this,” my bronze haired secret said as he handed me my rosary.

    I flashed him a smirk as I put it over my head, the cross laying in between my breasts.

    I finished getting dressed, putting my uniform of “preachers daughter” back on.

    “You know, you look so pure and innocent. But damn.” His eyes flashed with the same heat that was at the tip of his cigarette as he took a drag. “You sure are a sinner. Does your daddy know about that?”

    I shot him a smug grin as I opened the rosary and dumped the line of coke that was safely hidden inside onto the mirror by the bed. Finishing off my cigarette I leaned down to inhale a much better high.

    “Looks can be deceiving,” I laughed as I wiped the evidence off my nose and walked toward the door.

    “Don’t be late for Sunday service tomorrow.” My voice was sweet. “My daddy would hate our guest preacher to be late.”

    Words: 199


  3. She doesn’t get my eyes as she enters. Behind her, the door clicks shut… locked.

    Strutting across the room.


    Dripping her goddamn heat everywhere.


    Squeezing between me and the desk.


    Between my legs.


    I remove my glasses, no longer focused on the paper in my hand. I dispose of them both on the table.

    “Is that so?” My now free hands gladly find place on her hips.


    I brush my thumbs against the skin of her stomach before relaxing into my chair. She makes herself right at home in my lap, straddling. Eager fingers inch their way up her thighs, slipping beneath her so-short skirt.

    She’s my Eden… all that’s pure and good in the world.

    But she’s also my fiercest evil, and I am the biggest sinner.

    She pinches cotton, pulling. And God in Heaven, she’s gorgeous. Ivory skin, unblemished perfection.

    I trail a hand down her neck, tickling along the chain of beads, and finger the cross settled between her pretty petite tits, before wrapping it in my palm, tugging her closer.

    “This right here,” Her pulsing breath tickles my lips, as my fingers finding her wanting. “Is what Jesus died for.”

    Word Count: 199


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