FlashFic Results for Week 6

The results are in! Thank you so much to our judge, Femme Malheureuse, for being a great and choosing a fun prompt!
Here’s what she had to say:
@babiesbrown — Phew, that’s a wicked flashback to the 1980s. Okay, maybe the 2000s, too. Nice use of both prompts, especially the fifth version of “party.”
@TinsleyWarren — Another doozy making good use of the prompts. I love the way my stomach flips with hers at the end.
@Gingerandgreen — Wow, so did not expect a terrorist angle. Excellent work!
@sandyquill — Heh. That Susie character is a pretty sharp cookie. Wish I’d thought of that approach when I was in party activism.
@jdifrans — Nice one to wrap up the submissions; we go from party hacks and Congressmen to White House. Nice.
Great job, really excellent use of the prompts as well as meeting our host Madi’s suggestion. This is a tough batch to choose from, but I have to go with @Gingerandgreen because of the completely unexpected twist — not merely corrupt, partying Party men, but ones that meet an untimely end. Boom.

Ginger Green!


The new prompt will post tomorrow, and Ginger, you get to pick it. Please message or tweet me your email and we can discuss the prompts.

Thank you all for participating and sharing your AMAZING words.


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