FlashFic Week 5 Results

Here’s what Sandi Layne had to say:

Author: @TinsleyWarren
I can feel a whole sense of family in the mention of six cousins who lived on the same street as the speaker. Her determination to capture their attention reminds me, cough, of my own youthful adventures into trying to capture notice so I am both wincing a little and grinning hugely. Thank you for the nostalgia. I really want to know what happens with this!

Author: @DasBaiyo
This sounds like a pulsing obsession. The pacing of your words is visceral. (didn’t use word prompt)

Author: FemmeMal
This cracked me up. Of course in my head, I see the guys talking about the car, but then when the Big Reveal happens (heh) it made me laugh out loud. Nicely played!

Author: @JdiFrans
The irritation in this one snapped right off the screen, making ME squirm. VERY nice.

Author: @lovelybrutal
CREEPY. Wow. I’m reading through it and thinking…Kind of bland, really, for an obsessive post…and then “she’d really like best of all is for me to untie her and let her go home.” Wow.

Author: @warrencbennett
The weighty effort and just-missing often felt by a writer is nicely portrayed, here.

Author: @hardwurkindaddy
[Used too many words, too] “Don’t you fret.” GREAT pun. Yes, I enjoyed that.

Author: @lakermom37
Love the gender-based-norm role reversal, here. And that the sexy new husband is also an RN speaks very highly of his flexibility. (Didn’t use prompt word.)

Author: @Deebelle1
This is so about obsession. I love that her focus on the car is all about using it to go shoe shopping. Made me smile!

I kind of want to give honorable mentions to those who actually followed the instructions this week…

But. The winnah is: *drumroll*

for the careful crafting of her flash so that the big reveal was appropriate and humorous.

– Sandi Layne


From Madi
Thank you SO much to Sandi Layne for judging this week’s flash fiction contest. Thanks, also, for all the new flashers, but be sure to read the rules so you can be included in the running for winners. 😉

We’ll post another in a day or two, with FemmeMal as the judge (if you’re up for it)!

See you soon, and happy flashing!


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