Flash Results (week 4)


This was an amazing flash contest this week. The turnout was spectacular and I’ve been searching high and low for another prompt that can follow this one up.
There were so many great flashes to choose from, and everyone kicked ass.

Here are my notes for all the wonderful flashes.

Wolfy: The imagery of her prissiness is beautiful: “…plastic oval-framed glasses…milk-and-honey skin…” I’d love to see this expanded. I want to know why she’s so prissy for the world and a tiger for him.

Megs: I can hear her heels in the parking lot – awesome start. You had me going for a minute, wondering if he was a stalker, and then the end is so perfectly sweet and romantically sexy. Great job!

Mel: So sexy! He’s in control and so damn hot with this cinnamon gum, and I can smell his spicy breath, but she’s in control at the end. Girl power. Maybe he can eat his next stick of gum from the palm of her hand.

Baiyo: They seem to have a real heavy history between them…and I’d love to read more about it. Is it a relationship from the past that pops up? Give me more……..!

Anna: Rocking the 100 words like no other. It’s perfect as always, and then there’s this: “Then, a lifetime to make it up to her, to bow his neck, and obey…” and I shiver. He’s stuck, and he loves it, even if he’s a fool.

Lakermom: I think this is every man’s dream woman – a good girl, “prim and proper to the outside world…” and completely hot and undone for him. Awesome flash.

Deebelle1: “She was silk and I was cotton…” – I adore this line; I feel the difference in the textures between their worlds and personalities. And their fire is flaming hot. I want to call it a Romeo and Juliet idea (but we all know that was all kinds of messed up 😉 ), but this could be the perfect way to make that kind of story and not get six people killed in three days of a story. Ha! Wonderful! I want more!

Sandi: I may be predisposed to love this flash because of the “Tennessee Waltz.” My dad used to have me stand on his feet and sing that to us. **reminiscing**  I love the desperation in this character’s  act of needing *it* and needing it right away. Everything was beautifully disturbed about this flash, from the menthol cigarette to the rubber at the top of her stocking, and finally his realization that he was just as unsatisfied as before he began.

Tgbmccray: Your opening line is spectacular; it flows like the typist she is. I can’t help but see a Mad Men episode as I read this, and I’m totally hot and bothered by the imagery you’ve created with his jeans. Soooooo hot. Fabulous.

Jdifrans: I want to see more of this! This would make a fantastic period fic. It’s totally Grease worthy. I hope Mike notices her, because she’s obviously more than willing. 😉

Congratulations to all of you on rocking the hell out of this sexy prompt, but special congratulations to our winner, Sandi!
“I was dancing, with my darling…”

I’m looking for a guest judge for next week. Any takers? Sandi? Maybe we can start having the winner be the next judge?


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