Flashfiction Week 3 Results.

Congratulations to you all. Each of you have created a story special to your way of thinking and interpreting, and that’s the beauty of flashfiction. 

I really debated over this because I wanted to declare multiple winners, but I forced myself to put on my big girl panties and make a decision. 


Sandy: You’ve taken the picture and created a story perfectly painted in its world. The lightness of the banter and and her temptation is great for the prompt. Excellent job. 


Anna: You’re amazing at keeping flashes to 100 words; I’m so impressed. You make evil so tempting and delicious. When they run away, both in their heels, it sums it up with wonder. 


Jdifrans: Wow! I love the temptation and the moral prostitute. What a great way to use the prompt. Another awesome flash. 


Honeybee: You know I love your writing. You’ve painted something entirely unique with your words and I don’t know if anyone can top that one. As always, you make me want to be a better writer. 


Lakermom: Thanks, I can’t get Bryan Adams out of my head now. 😉 The lust and joy in this piece is real, as are the lyrics running through my mind. Love it. 


Mel: This could be a great short story. Her inward battle is telling of so many girls raised to be proper who turn out to desire their freedom. You make me want to be this girl, and I can’t help but call it your win. Congratulations!


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