Flashfiction Week 2 Results.



Anna: This flash has a way of telling so much of a story without giving anything away. Fascinating. You create conflict, love, lust – everything that makes a good story in 100 words. Amazing.


TheWolfsWriting: **tears** You had an entirely different interpretation than everyone else, and I love it dearly. I feel a million lifetimes of sorrow for a man who lost his daughter. I need to go hug Scarlett now. 


Tins: Damn. This is hot and angsty in all the right ways. I want to see this expanded – it has all the makings of a tumultuous love story. I feel her bored face and laser eyes. Excellent.


Ginja: I just… WOW. You’re such an artist, doll. What a beautiful “storetry” (yes, my invented word for poetry and story combined). I could see and smell and taste the little blue cube of chalk on the air.


Jdifrans: Welcome to the group! I’m so excited that you joined us, and even more pleased to announce your win. I loved the story you told, and the way she was two beautiful contradictions. I’d love to see this expanded. Please watch for your name in the winner’s circle. You did a great job; hope to see you for the next one which will post tonight.


It’s good and healthy to exercise your writing muscles (read: brain), so watch for the next prompt, posting tonight. 


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