FlashFiction Results.

Thank you all for participating and sending me your beautiful words. They’ve touched my heart. Each interpretation of the prompt was lovely.


Louise: I feel the pain that has drawn these two characters together, and how they help each other heal. I can see this growing into a novella, my dear. Give it a thought.


Tins: The way she speaks of purity and sin grips the reader and propels them forward. I’ve watched your writing grow and develop, and I can tell you that this shows how much you’ve come into your own. You told a complete story in 197 words.


Mel: The poem is lovely. I’ve read it five times because of the way you can read something new each time. The description of love healing the heart is beautiful.


Sandy: I can’t tell you how this touched my heart. This gives hope the hopeless women who’ve been living in darkness and pain. Many of us women have been there before, and we all need to be reminded that there is a chance of freedom in love.


Anna: I love this. It captures the prompt exceptionally. This is exactly how I pictured it to be. Congratulations on a fabulous job. I’m going to make a page of the winners, so keep an eye out for your name.


Please keep an eye out for the next prompt, which will be tonight or tomorrow.




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