Flash Me Your Pretty…Words (week 2)

This week’s flash is brought to you by my crazy mind. The prompt last week was heartbreaking and beautiful; this week, we have the picture and word prompt wrapped into one. Please use the words in the picture in any way (ie: the full quote, or the words whiskey and teacup).


The deadline for this flash is Tuesday at 11:59 PM (MST), and this will be the standard for all future flashfics on my blog.

The same rules apply (100-200 words, please comment with your twitter handle and word count).


Good luck!



6 thoughts on “Flash Me Your Pretty…Words (week 2)

  1. She’s whiskey in a teacup
    Madness at the tip of my tongue
    And when she drives me wild with passion,
    I remind her she’s all I need.

    She’s water in the desert
    The first cherry blossom of spring
    And when she makes me crazy with desire,
    I remind her she’s everything to me.

    She’s aurora in the midst of darkness
    A rainbow in a hurricane
    And when she dances like a faerie,
    I remind her she’s it for me.

    She’s shooting stars
    And tattered books
    And beauty beyond humanity’s reach.
    She’ll never believe how perfect she is
    But damn if I won’t make her think.

    She’s a sonnet
    She’s a lyric
    She’s utter harmony.
    And when she drives me to distraction,
    I remind her I’m on my on my knees.

    130 ineligible words


  2. Word count: 100 words, on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011


    Just as we have different views on the pronunciation of tomato, we can fight over the spelling of whiskey all night.

    But just like you would follow me anywhere, I’d follow you to Kentucky, Ireland, or Scotland.

    And when a beautiful, dark woman walks into our pub, late one night, we look her over.

    Then we catch each other’s eye, and we both just know.

    She’s whiskey in a teacup—all wrapped up in one, hot package.

    She sizes us up, nods, and smiles. “A Scotch, please. Straight up, and no soda.”

    Problem solved.

    We both fall head over heels.



  3. @thewolfswriting 200 words

    His mouth turned up at the side, a crooked grin that couldn’t take the sadness from his eyes. The air around him was cold, and he couldn’t help the thought that the temperature outside perfectly matched how he felt inside. She had always been stronger than he ever was. She was brave, beautiful. Even when the pain had been bad enough that she could barely keep her eyes open, she had smiled for him.

    “Have a tea party with me, Daddy,” she asked him, a happy little grin twisting her lips.

    He stared down at the small marble angel, the statue with the face of his daughter. His hand reached out, his fingers brushing over the smooth cheek of the angel. He had carved her himself, his jacket still had traces of the marble dust on it. He would give anything if only he could trade places with her, if only she could live one more day. Reaching into the large pockets of his coat, he pulled out one tiny china tea cup and a small bottle. He tipped the bottle and poured the amber liquid inside the cup. She was strong and innocent, whiskey in a teacup.

    “Goodbye, Molly”


  4. I watch her perfect exterior, not a hair out of place as my eyes travel down her body. The memory of her delicate skin sends tingles through my fingertips.

    I remember the night before tracing her cheek and holding her face in my hands as if she were made of porcelain. I tried to be as gentle with her as possible, even ghosting my lips against hers when I dimmed the lights.

    However, it was like I took a shot of whiskey as my whole world flipped in a second. She sprang at me with such hunger and desire, I felt like her prey.

    The scratches on my back are proof that the exterior she puts up doesn’t match who she really is inside.

    I give her a small smile as I walk by. Her eyes flitter to mine for a second then look away, her expression bored. But her eyes, the way the blue irises light up tells me a different story.

    The hunger is still there.

    The fire that fills her when we are alone seemed to shoot from her eyes like lasers.

    She was the mayors daughter. Forbidden.

    But she was worth it.

    Words: 196


  5. @bebeginja
    170 words, first ones of 2014!

    Pristine, put together.
    Pinky up with her tea cup.
    Pearls and silk and a silver watch.
    Legs crossed and an eyebrow arched.

    That’s her, in certain circles.
    The ones that don’t matter much.
    Just like her mother taught her.

    Old, dark wood and neon lights.
    Leather jackets in a smoked filled room.
    A pile of twenty dollar bills
    underneath a glass of whiskey.
    She blows on the end of her pool cue,
    and wipes blue chalk from her hands
    on the back of her jeans.
    Bending and stretching
    over faded green velvet.

    Hustling for the fun of it.
    To teach them a lesson.
    Just like her daddy taught her.

    But here, in my bed,
    her breath is heavy
    and her skin is soft.
    I know her name
    and the feel of her hair
    through my fingers.

    She is salty and sweet,
    gentle and strong.
    She’s my wrong righter.
    My grace giver.

    Here, she is anyone
    she wants to be
    at any given moment.

    I’ll take her that way.
    She’s mine.


  6. @jdifrans
    170 words

    How can I begin to describe the woman who has stolen my heart?
    She’s whiskey in a teacup.
    She’s private school, Ivy League privileged, living in a trailer.
    She’s got a sweet, soft, nurture-you-back-from-the-dead-side — the other sleeps with a loaded shotgun “just in case.”
    The lonely, boring nothingness, known as success, was her hell and nearly her undoing.
    She wanted more. She longed to feel. She wished for simpler times and better days.
    She stepped off the corporate ladder and onto my farm. She was holding my “help wanted” sign in her hand when she came knocking on the door. A duffel bag full of clothes and books was all she brought.
    I’ve seen desperation many times in life, but never laced with hope like hers. I had to know her story, understand what made her light shine.
    She’s nothing I expected and everything I need. She taught my soul to dance and heart to soar. My love showed me the true meaning of living, and I’ve never looked back.


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