Message to New York

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Message to New York



She reigns bright as the sun in her California hometown, but when patriotism comes knocking at her door, Virginia Franc finds herself in the middle of something she never expected. Leaving behind her fiancé and all the comforts she’s known, Ginny makes her way to a world on the brink of war.



Her mission to infiltrate the Third Reich becomes something much more when Ginny meets Maxim Schneider, an Austrian-Jew whose only goal is destroying his oppressors. Mutual need lights a spark between them that will not be diminished.



As the Nazi focus shifts from limiting Jews to eradicating them, Ginny and Max learn the true darkness of the world around them. Will they be able to save those they hold dear, or will the monsters annihilate all hope?



Message to New York will sweep you off your feet and swing you into a world of love, loss, and the best and worst moments of humanity.


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